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Facial Treatments

My Facials are one of the most relaxing experiences you will ever receive. They are deep cleansing and extremely hydrating. All of the products used are personally hand blended from herbs that are grown on site. The heavenly aromas, soft music and candle light will introduce you to a new level of relaxation while renewing your skin and spirit. All 3 facials are complete and contain the same lovely ingredients. All include the same steps and techniques. The difference in the price of the facials is determined by the amount of massage included with each one.

  • Ultimate Aromatherapy Facial
    Treatment for the décolleté, massage for feet, hands, arms, neck, shoulders, and full back, with herbal wraps
    for hands and feet ...$129

  • Supreme Aromatherapy Facial
    Treatment for the décolleté, massage for hands, arms, neck, and shoulders with warm soothing herbal
    wraps for the hands ...$98
  • Back Polish and Petite Back Massage
    Enjoy separately or add to any facial or massage...$68