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Body Treatments, Wraps and Polishes

Body Masques ...$98

             (Includes Exfoliation Massage)

  • Mud or Volcanic Ash…skin rejuvenation
  • Clay...Pulls toxins
  • Sun dried Seaweed...mineral rich for the skin

Body Polishes ...$98

          (Deliciously abrasive full body massage)

  • Lemongrass Salt Glow…Detoxify
  • Kona Coffee...Reduces Cellulite
  • Rose Sugar Polish...Extra Gentle Exfoliation 

Cocoon Body Wraps …$98

  • Herbal...blend of Rosemary & select herbs to detoxify
  • Floral...Essence of Lavender & Rose to lift spirits

Mineral “Inch Loss” Contour Body Wraps

           (Safely reduce & restructure problem areas)

  • Full Body…$98
  • Partial Body (Waist up or waist down)...$75